The Otissito Review

Reviews by Author Name

Title Author Review Date Review
Fae: The Wild Hunt Graham Austin-King March 9, 2015 VIEW
Paradox Series: Fortune’s Pawn Rachel Bach April 17, 2014 VIEW
Paradox Series: Honor’s Knight Rachel Bach October 3, 2014 VIEW
Paradox Series: Heaven’s Queen Rachel Bach October 17, 2014 VIEW
The Circuit: Executor Rising Rhett C. Bruno August 14, 2014 VIEW
The Mad Scientist’s Daughter Cassandra Rose Clarke June 11, 2014 VIEW
Gemini Cell Myke Cole March 6, 2015 VIEW
Shadow Ops: Control Point Myke Cole October 24, 2014 VIEW
Shadow Ops: Fortress Frontier Myke Cole October 31, 2014 VIEW
The Churn James S.A. Corey May 23, 2014 VIEW
The Breaking World: Dawn of Swords David Dalglish / Robert J. Duperre June 20, 2014 VIEW
Anthem’s Fall S.L. Dunn October 6, 2014 VIEW
The Seafort Sage: Prisoner’s Hope David Feintuch March 6, 2014 VIEW
The Seafort Saga: Fisherman’s Hope David Feintuch April 7, 2014 VIEW
The Seafort Saga: Voices of Hope David Feintuch April 10, 2014 VIEW
The Seafort Saga: Patriarch’s Hope David Feintuch May 9, 2014 VIEW
The Seafort Saga: Children of Hope David Feintuch May 12, 2014 VIEW
Neuromancer William Gibson March 13, 2014 VIEW
Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects Christie Golden March 27, 2014 VIEW
Black Moon Teri Harman September 1, 2014 VIEW
Star Wars: Heir to the Jedi Kevin Hearne March 16, 2015 VIEW
Bastion Magazine, Issue #1 R. Leigh Hennig October 10, 2014 VIEW
Half Way Home Hugh Howey March 31, 2014 VIEW
The Mirror Empire Kameron Hurley March 13, 2015 VIEW
World of Warcraft: Wolfheart Richard A. Knaak March 24, 2014 VIEW
Starship Grifters Robert Kroese May 5, 2014 VIEW
The Enceladus Crisis Michael J. Martinez June 16, 2014 VIEW
A Sword Into Darkness Thomas A. Mays May 16, 2014 VIEW
The Unhappening of Genesis Lee Shallee McArthur January 7, 2015 VIEW
The Autumn Republic Brian McClellan March 2, 2015 VIEW
The Trilisk Ruins Michael McCloskey June 13, 2014 VIEW
The Trilisk AI Michael McCloskey September 5, 2014 VIEW
The Trilisk Supersedure Michael McCloskey October 13, 2014 VIEW
The Trilisk Hunt Michael McCloskey October 20, 2014 VIEW
The Trilisk Revolution Michael McCloskey October 27, 2014 VIEW
The Hellequin Chronicles: Crimes Against Magic Steve McHugh April 21, 2014 VIEW
Meta Tom Reynolds March 17, 2014 VIEW
Notes to Boys Pamela Ribon March 10, 2014 VIEW
The Stormlight Archive: Words of Radiance Brandon Sanderson March 20, 2014 VIEW
The Human Division #9: The Observers John Scalzi April 5, 2014 VIEW
Unlocked: An Oral History of Haden’s Syndrome John Scalzi May 21, 2014 VIEW
Hollow World Michael J. Sullivan April 14, 2014 VIEW
Confessions of the Very First Zombie Slayer (That I Know Of) F.J.R. Titchenell May 1, 2014 VIEW
Warhorse Timothy Zahn April 3, 2014 VIEW
A Coming of Age Timothy Zahn April 24, 2014 VIEW
Deadman Switch Timothy Zahn April 28, 2014 VIEW
Soulminder Timothy Zahn November 3, 2014 VIEW