The Otissito Review

Review Request Policy

What I’m Interested in Reviewing

Here at The Otissito Review the focus is on the science fiction and fantasy genres. However, just because I’m a fan of those two genres doesn’t mean I don’t step outside my usual routine every so often. There are great pieces of fiction to be found in lots of places, and I do my best to try and experience them as much as possible while staying true to the original intent of the blog.

I am willing to review novels, novellas, and short stories (see criteria below) of the following:

  • Science Fiction
  • Hard Science Fiction
  • Military Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Epic Fantasy
  • Young Adult*
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Military Fantasy

You’ll notice the asterisk beside the Young Adult genre. That’s because there is a bit of a caveat there. With the YA genre, I am interested specifically in works that fit within one of the other genres listed. YA romance-type novels, for example, are not something I’d be interested in reviewing. A shiny new YA Urban Fantasy though, is absolutely right up my alley.

For the most part, if your work fits underneath the overall header of science fiction or fantasy in some fashion, I’ll at least be willing to give it a closer look to see if I’m interested in reading and reviewing it for you. Of course, I always reserve the right to decline the opportunity if I don’t feel like it’s a good fit for me. If you want to get a feeling for the kind of books I tend to read and review, take a look at the lists I’ve prepared for the past few years of the books I’ve read. They should help give you a pretty good idea.

Most importantly, if you think I might be interested even a little bit, it never hurts to ask!

Specifics About Reviews

If you’ve arranged with me to read and review your work, I’ll work with you to determine either a specific date you’d like the review to be posted, or a general time frame such as “sometime between April 1st and 15th.” I try very hard to hit those dates I’ve promised, and as a result I try to schedule things well in advance so I have maximum flexibility. If you have a work launching in the future and would like a review just prior to it releasing, I encourage you to contact me as far in advance as possible to make sure I can fit you in.

All of my reviews are 100% honest reviews. I don’t accept payment to review any work, and I do not edit my reviews to “make them more friendly.” I also do not allow authors to “preview” my reviews and give their feedback ahead of time. However, as someone who loves reading for the sake of reading, I do try to find the good pieces of anything I read.

Sometimes I read things I simply don’t like, or cannot find anything positive to say. In those cases, if it’s a work that was specifically requested by an author, I try to do the gentlemanly thing and contact them to let them know that their work just didn’t click with me in a positive way and if they would like, I’ll refrain from reviewing. This is only in extreme cases though, and not a guarantee that means I only write positive reviews. I’ve written plenty of reviews that highlight positive things about a work, but also point out its flaws. I don’t bash just for the sake of bashing, that’s just mean and petty.

By default, if you’ve requested a review, I will post an in-depth review here on The Otissito Review, as well as a more succinct review to both Amazon and Goodreads. If you don’t want the additional reviews on Amazon or Goodreads, just let me know ahead of time.

Regarding Novellas and Short Stories

I make no secret of the fact that I absolutely love short fiction. One of the greatest things in genre fiction lately is authors who add to their worlds and universes by writing additional works that supplement their full-length novels. Along those lines, there are lots of people who write shorter works that stand alone, and I would love to be a place where those works can be featured. I feel like a platform for short fiction writers is missing in the “review blog” paradigm, and I’d like to change that in my own way.

There are a couple of criteria that need to be met for a novella or short story to be considered:

  1. The work must be a published work (self-published, magazine, or anthology).
  2. It must fit the genre types listed above.
  3. You must be able to provide me a copy in its published format.

If your short fiction meets those requirements, then by all means, reach out and lets get it featured here on The Otissito Review if at all possible. I think short fiction is making a big comeback these days via monthly magazines, anthologies, and supplemental works, and I personally want to encourage that as much as possible.

How to Contact

By far, the easiest way to reach out to me about reviewing your work is via email. The address I use for all official business regarding this blog is: (at)

You can also reach out to me via Twitter if you feel so inclined, but that is a little more hit and miss. If you want to guarantee I see your request, use the email address to keep things simple and easy to track.