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Book Review: "Notes to Boys: And Other Things I Shouldn’t Share in Public" by Pamela Ribon

Notes to BoysBefore I get started in reviewing this book I have to make something clear: I am absolutely not the intended audience for Notes to Boys. Granted, I was not the intended audience in any way, shape, or form for the last Pamela Ribon book I read either. My wife is a big fan of the author and she wanted me to read the book after she had finished because she loved it so much and wanted to see what I would think.

With all of that said, I understand completely why so many women are going to love this book with all of their souls. I’m sure Pamela Ribon is not the only young girl to write love notes to their crushes, but she might be one of the few that kept a copy of every one she wrote and/or sent to those crushes. My wife did a lot of journal writing and note writing in her teenage years and I’ve read some of those journals, all of which are just as full of emotion and whatever else it is that fills the notes in this book. Hormones are crazy, folks. They make boys and girls think all sorts of silly things during their teenage times.

Reading Notes to Boys was entertaining, painful, and downright embarrassing all at the same time. The book isn’t all that long and it moves very quickly with its light-hearted tone and witty commentary by the author interspersed throughout the text of the actual notes being shared. Some of these notes are filled with angst, some are filled with romance, and others are filled with unadulterated teenage lust. It’s a wild ride up and down the hormonal roller coaster that all of us have been through at some point.

My wife loved everything about the notes in this book. They connected with her in a way that I can only imagine and she got to think back to lots of memories from years past. As for me, I mostly found the notes to be embarrassing, but I’m a guy and men don’t tend to pour their souls out in that fashion very often, if at all. Some of the stories were truly laugh out loud funny and some were the kind that made me really feel for both Pamela and the boys she was writing. Others made me wonder what I would have done if such a note had been passed to me between classes or if someone had been chasing me in the same fashion she was chasing boys.

I might never have been one to write notes, and for that I’m glad because if I had been I’m sure plenty of them would have been as intense as the ones in this book. Pamela Ribon has opened herself up to the very core of what her life was like as a teenager and I have to give her some serious props for that. It can’t be easy sharing some of the things she shares in the book, but she does it anyways.

If you are looking for a glimpse into the life of a teenage girl, or if you are just looking to get a good look at how hormones may be affecting your own teenagers down the line, Notes to Boys is a decent choice. It’s a great read for on the side with whatever else you might be reading and it will be sure to get you thinking back to all of your own awkward moments of years past, some of which will make you laugh and some that will make you cringe with just how silly life can be at that age.

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