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About The Otissito Review

Caleb FlanaganThe Otissito Review is a blog that reviews science fiction and fantasy novels, novellas, and short fiction. In a past life, it was known as 20four12, but because that name was incredibly difficult for the general public to connect with, a new name was chosen.

The only writer here at the moment is Caleb Flanagan. He absolutely loves everything to do with science fiction and fantasy literature, and cannot get enough of talking about it. Even to his wife, who sometimes just nods along because she knows it’s easier to just let him “get out his feelings” on a book most of the time, rather than try to stop him.

At the moment, things are still in a bit of a transition state while all of the content from the old version of the blog is moved over to this shiny, new, self-hosted version.

Caleb started blogging back in 2012 as a way to fill some down time between projects as a front-end web developer for a local marketing company. A couple of job changes (he’s still a front-end developer), and a few moves with the family (a lovely wife, son, and daughter) have kept him busy and sometimes he took extended breaks from reviewing his favorite books, but ultimately he always comes back.

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