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Book Review: “Paradox Series: Honor’s Knight” by Rachel Bach

Honor's KnightTitle: Paradox Series: Honor’s Knight
Author: Rachel Bach
Publisher: Orbit
Publication Date: February 25, 2014
Length: 374 pages

Obtained: I purchased my copy via Amazon.

The Plot: Following the event’s of Fortune’s Pawn, Devi knows she is missing some of her memories and she also knows that Caldswell is not who he claims to be. What she doesn’t know is why. As the ship she’s working on continues it’s mission Devi quickly discovers that she holds within herself something very important and very deadly. She also learns that she may very well be the only source of victory against a hidden foe most of civilization doesn’t even knows exists.

The Commentary: The first book in this series was very tight and very satisfying as a reader. I was a little worried that Honor’s Knight would suffer a little bit from “second book syndrome” and let me down in some ways, but my worry was pointless. Rachel Bach is creating a very rich universe with these books, a universe that she is specifically revealing piece by piece rather than dumping it all on the reader at once in a big brick of exposition between action scenes.

Devi continues to be a very compelling, strong, and dynamic protagonist in a role of mercenary most often left to male characters. Rather, Devi is the female protagonist that many authors and readers alike might be searching for as an example of how female characters can be done well in science fiction without having to give up personality traits and tendencies that make them what they are: women.

Honor’s Knight picks up immediately following Fortune’s Pawn and I imagine that will be a practice that holds true with any further books in the series as well. In some cases that doesn’t work very well, but in this one it does. Devi very quickly begins to realize she holds a lot more power in her fingertips (quite literally in some cases) than anyone imagined she did and on top of that, she uncovers a hidden group of agents that have supposedly been protecting civilization from an unknown horror. The problem is, those agents have a means of providing that protection that very much goes against Devi’s personal morality. That is going to be a problem for her, and for Caldswell, a very high-ranking member of that group of secret agents.

Left Me Wanting… More backstory about Caldswell and his past. I feel like he is a very dynamic character that the reader is only just beginning to see in this book compared to the limited knowledge revealed in the first book. I want to know more.

Worth It? Yes, especially if you enjoyed the first book, Fortune’s Pawn. This book is a solid continuation of the story begun in the first book and sets up the third book for what I assume is going to be some very exciting action.

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