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Terra Nova: S1, E12 "Occupation"

Occupation is the second-to-last episode of the season so I’m expecting there to be a decent number of big moments by the time I’m done watching. The mysterious group from 2149 is going to launch its attack on Terra Nova which I think is going to bring with it some very interesting plot developments.

Terra Nova

This episode launches right away from where the episode last week left off. There are two days until the 11th pilgrimage arrives and Commander Taylor is trying to be prepared for two different contingencies: one where the pilgrimage arrives without any funny business and one where it is replaced by an invading army. I think all of us can agree that one of those two options is much more likely to happen than the other.

A staging area for new colonists is set up like normal, but Elisabeth is also tasked with setting up a triage staging ground in case there is a fight and she has to deal with casualties of any type. As the 11th pilgrimage begins, Commander Taylor is somewhat relieved to see the first three or four colonists come through with no trouble. One of them is even Josh’s girlfriend. Jim is there at the portal when she walks through so he goes forward to help get her situated with a breather. Unfortunately for him, the next colonist through the portal has been strapped with a bomb and he blows up almost immediately upon trying to ask for help from Commander Taylor’s assembled forces.

The bomb knocks Jim Shannon across the clearing and clearly does some serious damage in a concussion sort of way. He quickly fades to unconsciousness and the next thing we see is Jim waking up three days later in the Terra Nova infirmary. As he gets his bearings, Jim realizes that the colony has been ransacked by a mercenary army and that he has no idea where anyone is or what has happened over the past three days.

Soon enough Jim gets found by Elisabeth and taken back to their home where the children are all safe. He discovers that the portal was blown to bits in the blast which meant when it was reopened it showed up at a new location where Commander Taylor could not resist the mercenary army’s arrival. Lieutenant Washington tried to keep Terra Nova out of the hands of the enemy but after the army began shelling the innocent colonists she was forced to surrender. Commander Taylor and most of the Terra Nova security troops are hiding in the jungle, and everyone inside the colony both friend and foe alike are desperately trying to track him down.

With Terra Nova occupied by the enemy, Jim begins working to find a solution to the problem. He wants to regain control of the colony, but he knows he can’t do that without the help of Commander Taylor. Malcolm happens to know where Commander Taylor is hiding so Jim sneaks out of the colony to meet up. Commander Taylor then provides Jim with an encrypted communication device as well as some transponders to use so that Commander Taylor can track convoys and raid them for supplies.

Jim pretends that he has serious ill effects from the bomb blast and that he must use crutches to get around so that Lucas and his army consider him a non-threat and he can move freely around Terra Nova without being impeded by mercenaries at every turn. By the end of the episode Jim and Commander Taylor have done some serious damage to Lucas’ efforts and all seems to be going well. However, Josh is working at Boylen’s bar again to listen for information from the mercenary soldiers when he loses his cool at Lucas. A brawl breaks out and Jim has to give up his charade of being a cripple to save his son. Both Jim and Josh wind up confined in the brig and Lucas hasn’t decided if he’s going to kill them for the trouble they’ve caused or not.

And then… credits roll with a lovely “to be continued” on the screen. I wasn’t exactly expecting that for some reason, but it does make a lot of sense in hindsight. There was a lot going on in this episode and the story it is trying to tell is pretty big. I’m excited to see how everything ends up with the season finale.

Next week is the season finale, Resistance. The Netflix description is:

As the Phoenix Group continues its devastation, Jim concocts a daring scheme to destroy its connection to the future and drive it from Terra Nova.

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