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Terra Nova: S1, E10 "Now You See Me"

Going into Now You See Me I still have my strong desire to discover who the actual Sixer spy inside Terra Nova is and how they have manage to stay hidden for so long. Finally, finally I get my wish and their identity is revealed, although they are not captured by Commander Taylor and Jim Shannon as they manage to keep their identity secret from them for at least a little longer.

Terra Nova

This episode was a little different from most. Almost the entire thing was centered around Commander Taylor and Mira as they find themselves trying to survive an overnight stay outside of the Terra Nova gates. Mira is used to being outside the gates, and Commander Taylor spent the first 118 days of his time on Terra Nova alone in the jungle so the general idea of staying alive out in the wilderness is not new to either of them, but adding in their intense animosity for each other really makes it a different experience altogether.

Commander Taylor originally heads outside the colony to check in on the equations his son Lucas has been leaving on the rock walls next to a nearby waterfall. He wants to check on Lucas’ progress on turning the portal into a two-way street and discovers that Lucas is getting very, very close to finishing his research. While examining the equations, Commander Taylor is jumped by Mira who takes him captive. As they head back to the Sixer camp Commander Taylor turns the tables on Mira, but it ends up being a moot point because soon enough they are cornered by a pair of slashers looking to make the area their new home.

Throughout the ordeal Mira and Commander Taylor settle a few differences, but they still do not like each other very much. After making it through the night the two of them agree to go their separate ways back to their camps knowing that the next time they see each other they will likely try to capture each other once again.

In the small pieces of the episode back in Terra Nova the action is devoted to tracking down the identity of the Sixer spy. With a bit of stellar luck Jim manages to see a flashing signal being sent into and then out of Terra Nova that he then tracks down to a construction site for new housing. Upon further investigation he discovers a DNA sample, but the viewer is shown that the mole is actually Skye as she flees the scene. In my mind I was almost positive Skye was the mole from the very first few episodes, but I was worried the writers and producers might pull a fast one on my somehow.

The DNA that Jim finds looks promising, but Skye knows he and Elisabeth have the sample and she makes sure to destroy it before the analysis is complete. All Jim is able to do is narrow down the list of suspects to 47 women who visited or worked at the clinic that day. It’s not a short list, but it is a lot closer than he has been to finding the mole as of yet. According to the episode notes, it looks like they will join viewers in knowing about Skye in the next episode, so I’m interested to see what the fallout ends up being for her.

Next week is the eleventh episode, entitled Within. The Netflix description:

The Sixers mole is unveiled, and the colony learns that the imminent 11th pilgrimage from 2149 will be accompanied by a surprise attack.

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