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Book Review: "Meta" by Tom Reynolds

MetaI grabbed my copy of Meta from Amazon after seeing it recommended by the site as I made other purchases. It was bookmarked in my wish list of books, but I had not found a reason to buy it until it randomly went on sale at the same time I was loading my Kindle up with a plethora of new books. I figured for the price I was willing to give it a chance and see what it had to offer.

What Meta had to offer was a fun, quick, adventure that served as a great bridge between some bigger, beefier, more intense books I had scheduled myself to read. It was exactly what I needed even if I wasn’t aware I needed it. Tom Reynolds put together a story about a teenager who through no fault of his own, no real desire of his own to be honest, winds up with a pair of mysterious bracelets that bestow upon him amazing powers of strength, speed, flight, and more. On the surface it seems like every teenage boy’s dream, but Connor quickly finds out that isn’t the case.

Meta is another book that benefits from an author willing to jump ahead a few days without going through telling the reader every single detail about the days that were skipped. Some authors get bogged down in the minutiae, and some are like Reynolds who are willing to sacrifice a little bit of every day detail for the sake of keeping the story moving and interesting. I’m finding bit by bit that I appreciate this talent more than I ever thought I would. I read so many books that sometimes I just want a story to move instead of sit around and percolate.

The world building could use a little work and the characters are all fairly straightforward, but nothing about either turned me off from the book. The world building can take care of itself as the author adds another book to what appears to be a new series (I didn’t know that when I picked Meta to read), and I think the characters, while a bit cookie-cutter, are cookie-cutter in a good way, a way that still gives them room to grow without the author having to turn them into something unrecognizable down the line.

I’ve got Tom Reynolds’ website earmarked to check back every so often to see when the sequel to Meta is going to hit shelves because I had enough fun with this book that I see no reason not to give the second one a try. Meta was fairly short and because the pacing was so well done I feel like it’s a great read for just about anyone. Give it a try.

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